How to take a screenshot in Windows (PC)

Hi Folks — taking a screenshot on Windows is very simple and easy. This guide will work for PC’s (Personal Computer’s) running Microsoft Windows 95 all the way to Windows 10! 🙂

How do I take a screenshot?

The Quick Method – Press “Prt Scn” to take a screenshot:

Press PrtScn = The PrtScn (Print Screen) is a standard key found on almost all PC keyboards. By simply pressing this key Windows screenshots and copies your entire screen to its (invisible) clipboard (the one where you copy text to)

NOTE: On some laptops you must hold Fn while your press PrtScn to take a screenshot

 Where to fine the “Prt Scn” key:

The PrtScn (Print Screen) is a standard key found usually to the top right of the keyboard. It is usually besides the Pause and ScrLk keys. Look at the picture below of a standard keyboard to get a better idea. Note: Prt Scn might be abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

How to take a screenshot in Windows (PC)

How do I take a screenshot of a single “active” window:

Hold down Alt and press PrtScn

If you only want to capture the current active window on your desktop and not the entire screen simply HOLD Alt and press PrtScn to copy the active screen to your clipboard.

How to take a screenshot of a specific area:

Hold down  and Shift and press S

This is only for PC’s running Windows 10 Creators Update and later.  After holding down the Windows key and Shift and pressing S. You can now use your mouse to draw a rectangle in order to exactly specify what area capture. Windows then copies this area to the clipboard.

How to paste a screenshot after you screenshot it:

Hold down Ctrl and press V

Just like how you can paste text by pressing Ctrl V you can also press CtrlV in any image editor or word processor and Windows will paste the screenshot you took using any of the methods mentioned above – that it temporarily put in your clipboard – into a document or image you are currently editing.

Paint Start Menu

NOTE: If you need an image/graphic file of your screenshot. Windows comes with a very good image editor pre-installed called “Microsoft Paint”. You can simply paste your image in Paint (Ctrl+V) and save your image in any image format of your choice.